Feel the Fizz

India’s first sparkling apple juice, Appy Fizz is the champagne of fruit drinks launched in 2005. Its light and bubbly with a tangy flavour that refreshes you in style. Beautifully balancing the sweet taste of apples with the right amount of fizz, just one sip of this cool drink transports you to the realm of a refreshing experience. Tailor made to match the fun and vibrant spirit of the youth, Appy Fizz has won over social charts to become a youth favorite as a healthier alternative to colas.

The sleek packaging and bold colours of the pack adds to the glamourous drinking experience of Appy Fizz. It is available in PET bottles of 160ml, 250ml, 600ml, 1ltr and 1.5ltr & also in 250ml cans.