Mango Frooti
Fresh ‘n’ Juicy
Fresh ‘n’ Juicy
Say "hello" to the oldest member of the family who refuses to grow up.
A popular mango drink, that’s been around since 1985. And rated as India’s Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand*. It is the brand’s unique ability to change that has kept it true to its essence, “Fresh ‘n’ juicy.” From its launch as a tetra pack, through the PET, triangular shaped pack to the recently launched multiple mangoticon packs reflect just that. The playful and naïve nature of the brand has helped it gain great acceptance with the young and the old, time and again. Little wonder that even after 24 yrs Frooti remains the most preferred mango drink, the world over.
Available in 110ml, 200ml and 1ltr Tetra Paks. And 250ml, 600ml, 1.2ltr and 2ltr PET bottles.
*Source: Economic Times Survey, 2007.